Seasonal Temptation


Temptation can come on a daily basis and unexpectedly. Satan is the source of temptation and temptation itself begins in the mind. A thought can be out in your mind by the enemy and what’s he’s trying to do is coax you into disobeying God.

When God delivers you from a sinful habit the enemy will return every so often to test you and try and enslave you in the same sin Jesus set you free from. That is seasonal temptation. The goal of the enemy is put believers back into bondage.

Many believers sometimes feel like failures because they’ve given into temptation and it’s become a vicious cycle for them. They feel like they’ve let God down too many times and they should just give up. Don’t beat yourselves up. If you have the attention of the enemy, you have the attention of God.

Don’t feel defeated by temptation. It only means you are striving to live a life for God. In Philippians 3:12-14 Paul takes about having a healthy dissatisfaction with himself. Even though he is a mature christian he knows it’s not an easy road, but he also refuses to let his past or the mistakes of his future defeat him. When you mess up don’t stop trying to achieve the plan God has set in your heart. Press and on and pray that you will overcome future temptation.

Every person is subject to season’s of temptation. The question is are you going to resist or give in.

When lust is conceived it bringeth forth sin and sin bringeth forth death.

James 1:15

Notice in James it says when lust is “conceived”. One of the definitions of “conceive” is to form or devise a plan or idea in the mind. Meaning that temptation begins in your mind and when you go through with the sin it will result in death. An evil thought is powerless in the spirit realm as long as it stays there. Satan can through fiery darts to your mind all he wants. Only we can cast down these thoughts by the Word of God. It’s the only way to have victory in this area.

We overcome Satan by the Word of God. Scripture promises authority to us in his name to trample the enemy, but according to the book of Job there are seasons when God allows testing.

Why would God allow testing?

It’s always for our good. When we withstand temptation we receive the crown of life that God has promised us. (James 1:12)

As long as you live, the enemy will use what you see and what you do against you. In James chapter 1 verse 14 it days when we are tempted we are dragged away by our own evil desires.

God tells us that we should consider it pure joy when we face trials, because he knows it will make us stronger. It builds our faith and trust in him.

Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.

2 Corinthians 2:11

Don’t let the enemy get a foothold over you by the ungodly friends in your life, the movies you watch, and the music you listen to. If you tell yourself that those things have no influence over you and your life, that’s being ignorant and therefore giving the enemy a right to attack you and tempt you.

James goes on to say that we should get rid of moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you. (James 1:21)

Seasons will come and go. Our circumstances will change frequently. We must stand on the one thing that will never be changed or shaken. We need to stand on God’s Word!

In part 3, which is the last message in this series, I will list how to overcome seasonal temptation.

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